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Last blog we explored the potential cost savings of the Mahu City Express, and what they could add up to over the course of a year.. This time we’ll talk a little more about the time savings.

The first and most obvious one is that the journey time is quicker, and is pretty much consistent too – an hour from Warkworth to downtown Auckland is a pretty reliable figure. Just about every day, the passengers hop on at 0730 in Warkworth and hop off at 0830 in downtown Auckland. This is mainly down to using the bus lanes – it takes seven minutes from the on ramp at Constellation drive, to re-joining the motorway after Onewa road, just before the bridge. We know from bitter experience that that can be a horrible 30-40 minute slog in a car… SO you could be leaving home later AND getting to work earlier. That means you can get in a bit of exercise in the mornings, or spending more time having breakfast with the family.

But even ignoring that time saving, travelling on the Mahu City Express free up your time for so many better things than trying to work out which lane is going fastest and then getting angry because you just changed into the wrong lane (don’t you HATE that?!)

So while WE do the driving for you, you could be:

  • Sitting back and relaxing – even getting an entire extra hours’ sleep
  • Getting a head start on all your day’s emails, or the many other chores and “to-dos” that take up your time
  • Earning money by getting an hour of billable work done!
  • Listening to the radio, a podcast, or some music on your headphones
  • Reading a book, magazine or newspaper
  • Chatting to your fellow passengers
  • Catching up on all your social media feeds

Whatever you chose, you’ll be arriving in the city fresh, not frazzled.

And – going back to our other blog about cost savings – Here’s the real double-whammy: All the time you spend enjoying your commute on the Mahu City Express, you’re also saving money!

How much better would it be if you got to leave home later, had a stress-free ride to work, hopped off the bus in town feeling fresh, with your to-do list for the day pretty much already done, and after doing this for a year you had saved enough for a really nice holiday overseas? Try it out for yourself: book a free trial and see what you think.

If for some reason you can’t try us because the timetable or route doesn’t work for you, please let us know. You can do it through the website right here, on facebook, or through our customer survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/787D6L2