Date Night Blog 2 Hooking Up To Bring You Magic Moments

date night blog 2 hooking up to bring you magic moments

Who knew there were so many lovers in Rodney keen for a night in the big city?!  But the response to our Date Night has been huge.  To be fair the comments have mainly been from the female members of our community – but men, fear not: we are about to give you the tools to plan the ultimate date night if you’re struggling with ideas!


We have partnered up with Our Date Nite – who are the experts in making sure the evening goes swimmingly.  Our Date Nite has an amazing selection of dates in the CBD for those of you who want to earn the brownie points for coming up with a great date for you and your beloved, without all the planning.


One example – Everybody’s Date Night @ $170 per couple – this is such a great atmosphere – and if you’re not in the city often you probably wouldn’t know it was there!  It includes:


2 x Glasses of Moet & Chandon
2 x Small Plates
2 x Middle Ground plates
2 x Sides
2 x Desserts


Check it out and other dates here:


We can’t wait to hear all the feedback from you – they look amazing.  The concierge service at Our Date Nite are available online and over the phone to help you with availability and any other special requests.


So here’s the plan:


Date:  Saturday 22nd July 2017 (last weekend of school holidays – you’ll need a break!)

Departure: Warkworth 6.00pm*

Return: Auckland CBD 10.00pm*

Cost: $40 per person return


*we’re learning as we go so PLEASE feel free to give us a steer if you think those times won’t work


For those of you who have not travelled with us before – this is no normal bus ride.  We aim to keep you smiling, hydrated, and will do our best to meet your requirements in regards to pick up and drop off points along our route – including Snells Beach.


We can’t wait to offer this service to our local community, and look forward to meeting more of you and making your date night as easy, and as enjoyable as possible.


Bookings will available online from Monday 10th July.

Bus Tickets


For more information and bookings regarding Our Date Nite:


Bus from Warkworth to Auckland city for a romantic date night

date night blog 2 hooking up to bring you magic moments