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Driving to Work:
What does it really cost you to drive to work? The IRD say the overall cost of owning and driving a car works out at 72c/km – which makes the 60km trip to Auckland work out at $43.20! Add the same again for the trip home, plus tolls at $2.30 each way, and then parking – which can easily be $15 a day, unless you’re lucky enough to have a free car park in town – and the cost of driving to work could be $100 a day or more!

A more realistic figure, if we just strip down to the things that go up with your mileage (like fuel, servicing and maintenance, tyres, RUCs if you pay them, etc.) is 25-30c/km. The AA publish a report each year on vehicle running costs (http://www.aa.co.nz/cars/ask-an-expert/fuel-running-costs/show/9646/) and this is where we got the 25-30c/km figure. So, at around 60km, and using the figure of 25c/km, the cost is around $15 each way – more if you come from further afield, like Snells Beach or Omaha. But you still need to add tolls and parking.

And you don’t need us to tell you that it’s not a pleasant commute in a car. Once you hit the backlog – Greville Road on a good day and Oteha Valley Road on a bad one – the journey takes anywhere between 1h20m and 2h. We’ll talk more about the time savings in another blog but, for now, we’ve put together costs and travel times of some alternatives, for comparison.

Drive to Silverdale and get an AT bus:
30km/30 minutes to Silverdale = $7.50, plus $2.30 tolls, then an AT bus ride of approx. 60 minutes costing $6.10. Also assumes no waiting time at the bus station. Around 90 minutes and $15.90 one way.

Drive to Albany and get an AT bus:
40km/40 minutes to Albany = $10, plus $2.30 tolls, then a AT bus ride of approx. 35-40 minutes costing $4.85. Again, this assumes no waiting time at the bus station. Around 75-80 minutes and $17.15 one way.

Mana Bus:
Departs Warkworth 0755, arrives Auckland 0900. Departs Auckland 1700, arrives Warkworth 1805.
Booking for the next day we got a fare of $41.98 return. Over the next seven days the cheapest we could find was $37.98, which was for a trip booked six days in advance, or if we booked two weeks or more in advance we could get down to $35.98 return. 65 minutes and average of $38.65 return.

Taxi or Uber:
Estimates are for one way fares from https://www.uber.com/en-NZ/ some conditions may apply to estimate. Uber x or Uber Assist: $90-$121. Uber XL $159-$212. Journey times are the same as driving a car. Minimum 80 minutes and $90-$212.

At $15 each way and less than an hour travelling time, Mahu City Express is the obvious answer. Added up over a year, you could be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars – enough to pay for an overseas holiday – all while you sit and relax, doing the daily commute with your eyes closed.