Bus Rules

Mahu City Express happy trip guidelines

There are a lot of us catching the Mahu City Express these days, which is fantastic, and as much as we like each other, it can be a long journey if the house rules aren’t followed. So, to make the trip enjoyable for everyone, here are a few reminders:

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Be happy

Smile and say hello! Yes, we know its early in the morning, or its late in the afternoon, but a simple polite greeting makes the Mahu City Express a nicer place to be.

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Be on time – and queue nicely

Same time, same place every day. We don’t want to leave you behind, but people need to get to their destination on time, so they don’t get fired! If in doubt, call us on 09 425 5566.  And if there are people already at the bus stop when you arrive, please be courteous and let them board the bus first.

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Don’t bring bad smells on board with you

For further clarification: smells caused by smoking, feet and bodies, food, and dirty clothing. These can all cause discomfort to your fellow passengers who have to endure them for the whole journey.

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No one wants to listen to your music or your phone calls

If you need to use your phone, please keep your conversation between you and the person on the other end. And unless it’s your birthday – in which case the sound system is all yours and everyone else will just have to put their headphones in – please keep your music to yourself, too.

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There are bins provided on the buses – please use them

As you leave, please take your coffee cups, wrappers and other bits and bobs with you and pop them in the bin on your way out. If you spill something, please tell the nice Mahu City Express  driver so it can be cleaned.

Get your time back

Mahu City Express is a better way to spend time. You can get stuff like emails out of the way, and you’re not travelling in a cold, unfamiliar environment. You’re commuting in a friendly, social environment, not standing or bouncing around on a cold, hard seat. The Mahu City Express  service is a first-class way to go.

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09 425 55 66