Buy Tickets

The easiest way to purchase tickets, book and change your rides is via our mobile app, so head to the App Store or Google Play store to download it and get started.

You can also buy tickets right here, but we really do recommend the app.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll need to follow this simple process to get started:

Step 1
Create your account

We’ll just need your name, email address (to send receipts and confirmations to) and a mobile number (in case we need to call you to check why you’re not at your normal stop or something like that).

We recommend you leave email notifications turned on at first – then you’ll get confirmation of your bookings. You can turn these off once you’re comfortable using the service.

Step 2
Buy your tickets

You can check the fares here. Think of this step as kind of like topping up an AT HOP card.

Step 3
Book your rides

Once you’ve credited your account with some tickets, you can go and reserve the rides you want. You do need to make your reservations otherwise we can’t guarantee there will be a seat for you on the bus – and we don’t take standing passengers.

If you use the app, then you can see your reservations highlighted, and you can cancel and re-book any reservation as often as you want, at no charge.