Our Crew


Our drivers are a cut above the rest:  Smooth, suave and quick-witted, they’re definitely not your average bus drivers.  Have a read below and see what a great bunch they are.

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Robbie’s our very own Forrest Gump – a ping pong champ who toured China and India. Though you’re more likely to find him at the Warkworth RSA pool table these days, or organising a charity fundraiser.  He’s been getting our friendly customers from A to B each day since 2017, and loves seeing a bit of the beautiful Kiwi countryside along the way. Sport still runs through his veins so when he’s not behind the wheel you’ll find him on the tennis court or golf course finessing his skills – or trying to beat his wife at table tennis.  But she knows a few trick shots with a ping pong ball, so Robbie usually ends up on the receiving end!

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Between working in the city as an IT consultant, chasing around his three young kids and dabbling in photography, kayaking and basketball, we don’t know how Warwick finds the time to drive buses for us too, but we’re sure glad he does. He’s been making the wheels on the bus go round and round since 2020 and reckons the bus lanes are the (second) best part of the job – after our amazing passengers of course!

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In 2018, Matt sent us a video of himself eating a bucket of chicken and bombing a pool party in a sequinned speedo.  Needless to say, we hired him on the spot. When not driving, you’ll either find Matt sleeping halfway down the back of the bus on his way to teach at AUT or marrying people somewhere in Auckland.  If you’re sharp-eyed, you might also see him pop up on the odd TV commercial..


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What can we say about Nigel, our international man of mystery?  Not much, as it turns out. Nigel has been with us since 2016, but in that time all we’ve been able to find out for sure is that he has an extensive collection of vintage cars; he holds world powerboat records for crossing the Tasman and circumnavigating New Zealand; and he built and ran a local speakeasy, evading detection and capture by the authorities for many years.  These days you’ll usually find Nigel chatting with passengers while ferrying them to work in comfort – which may just be a front for his latest caper.  To be honest, we’re not even 100% sure that Nigel is his real name.

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Julian is the director and madcap mastermind behind Mahu City Express. He’s been driving our buses since day one (way back in October 2015!) and he still loves using the bus lanes to sail past the traffic in the morning. For Julian, the best part is our passengers, whether it’s a daily commute, stag do, concert, or birthday bonanza there’s never a dull moment with our fiercely faithful locals. When he’s not running the company or driving a bus, or working his day job, you’ll find him on the water paddling a waka ama, or taking his dog Rusty for a walk on the beach.

Customer Service

Our crew is made up of more than just drivers: on-board concierges, and first-class support available to you by phone, email, or pretty much any other channel yo can think of.  Check back here soon, to meet them all.

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The cog that keeps the wheels turning, Roxanne is our customer service superstar who looks after our drivers, passengers and any and all enquiries. All while wrangling three small children, plus being an academic, bus driver, and coaching junior squash at the Warkworth club. And you thought you were busy!

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